What I liked about the Chicago Boat, Sports and RV Show

photo 3Yesterday I went to the boat show with my Mommy & Daddy. My brother came with, too. I got to fish in the trout pond. It was fun but each year that we go to the boat show, I never get to catch a fish in the trout pond and I get so mad. This year I got two bites from the same fish and I was so happy that I almost screamed. But I didn’t actually catch the fish. So I just kept trying and trying. Soon we needed to leave the trout pond. So then we went to the RV stuff. I even honked the horn of one of the RVs when I sat in the driver’s chair. We saw every single bathroom of every single RV. I wanted to see if there were foot pedals to flush the toilets.

My brother said he loved it, too. He loved when I went on the pirate ship. There was a big sail and I got to drive the boat. I got to have a sword and pirate hat and said, “Ahoy, mateys!” I also said, “Hoist the sails, me hearties!”

There was so much to see. I wish we could stay there until tomorrow. But you can only wish upon a star.


4 thoughts on “What I liked about the Chicago Boat, Sports and RV Show

  1. You are definitely progressing in your fishing skills. From nothing to two bites. Soon you will be feeding the whole family. You look great in a pirate hat.

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