Vilnius, Lithuania – July 2016

Hi, I’m Lucia and I’m now ten years old. I started my blog, Bonjour, Amigo!, when I was 4 because I like to travel a lot. It’s fun and I get to know new stuff. I also get to spend time with my family when we go on trips. My mommy has a travel blog so I wanted to start my own. I want to be a little travel blogger, just like her. Mommy took me to a travel party and I made a friend that also is a travel blogger. The name of my blog is “Bonjour, Amigo!” because I say that all the time. Mommy tells me it’s two words in two different languages, but I don’t care. I like languages and I speak Italian. I like to take pictures with Mommy’s iPhone, too. I hope you read my blog about all of our trips!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, this might be the greatest idea ever. My almost 7-year-old a few months ago on a blog trip to Indy decided he would be a travel blogger too. His version was in a notebook. Maybe he’s taken after his newspaper reporter mom and newspaper editor dad in that sense.

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