Sleeping Bear Dunes

It was so windy!

It was so windy!

Sleeping Bear Dunes is the best place in Michigan near Traverse City. We stayed for a few hours and hiked up the mama bear that turned into a dune. What does that mean? Well, the story is that the mama bear and her baby bears were crossing the lake when a big storm came up. The mama bear made it across but the two little bears didn’t. The mama bear is still there, waiting for her baby bears, and she’s sleeping. She turned into a dune and now it’s called Sleeping Bear Dunes. The two little bears are islands. By now, the mama bear is still waiting for her two little bears. It makes me sad to think about that. But Sleeping Bear Dunes is really pretty and I had a lot of fun climbing up the big dune with my daddy and running back down.

5 thoughts on “Sleeping Bear Dunes

  1. That’s a great story Lucia. Did you know there is a story book about those bears? We have it at my pteschool! I love to hear about your travels.

  2. Sleeping Bear Dunes is beautiful place and that is a brilliant picture. The story about the mama bear saddened me too. In fact, I stood at that very spot you are on in this picture, looked out into the water, and shed a tear over the sad fate of the babies. In fact, I am breaking up again as I type this post 😦

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