Wisconsin family vacation

Fishing Wolf River Winneconne WisconsinMy family and I went to Wisconsin last week. We went to the place where we go fishing every year and then we went to Wisconsin Dells. The place where we go fishing is called Winneconne.

In the morning in Winneconne, WoWo Poopie* and everyone in my family – but not every single person – was on a boat. I was fishing. I had a bite, then I left it there for a little while. Then, when I reeled it up, I had a fish! So, I got to touch it but I was afraid. I was eating my favorite honey mustard pretzels. Still, I needed to touch the fish before throwing it back (that’s what WoWo Poopie told me). But I was feeling really mad because we were supposed to go swimming, and we didn’t go for a while. But when we did go swimming, it was in two feet of water. There were two boats that were the same. We went boat-to-boat. Then we went swimming and tubing.

We left Winneconne and went to another place, Wisconsin Dells. We were at a campground but we did not sleep in a tent because there was a cabin! You know the best part? No, I’m sure you don’t. I slept in a loft! I called the loft “Olaf” and pretended it was my clubhouse. I needed to duck because the ceiling was so small. I even hit my head two times. There’s a pool there and a splash pad! The second time Mommy took me to the pool, she taught me how to swim under water. I did not need my life jacket!

Wisconsin Dells KOA

I had a lot of fun on this trip. I want to go to Winneconne and Wisconsin Dells again. If the cabin is taken at the campground, we can just bring our pop-up camper. I hope we can do that real soon!

* Editor’s (Mom’s) Note: WoWo Poopie is my brother, Lucia’s Uncle Frankie.

A skeleton and a parade at Prague’s Astronomical Clock

Astronomical ClockThe Astronomical Clock is in Prague, which is in the Czech Republic. The Astronomical Clock always has a little parade every hour. If it’s twelve o’clock, the skeleton rings the bell twelve times. We always counted. And it always has a little parade and it shows all the Apostles. We went to the next one but the skeleton didn’t ring it six times. We were wondering why it didn’t ring six times when it was six o’clock. I tried to figure it out. I thought that the skeleton was just broken. When the skeleton rings the bell, it’s like we were walking in a real parade. There were a lot of other people there to see it. I’m sure the other people were wondering why the skeleton didn’t work when it was six o’clock. There aren’t any numbers on the Astronomical Clock. It doesn’t tell what time it is; it tells what month it is and what time it is in space. My daddy, my mommy, and I went up to the top of the tower, even though my daddy is afraid of heights. You can see the whole city from up there! The people looked like little tiny ants. But we went up a few stairs and then we saw an elevator. We didn’t know it was there but we took the elevator to the top of the tower. While we were up there, we heard it ring. I still don’t know what happened with that skeleton.

Prague from the top of Old Town Hall Tower

Prague from the top of Old Town Hall Tower

Riding the Ferris wheel at Prater in Vienna

RiesenradI was worried that I was not too big but I was. So, I could go on the Ferris wheel. We also went on a train ride. It was all in Vienna and it was in an amusement park. We took the subway there and I looked at my map. Then we walked the rest of the way. The Ferris wheel was the first thing we did. It was big and round with little train houses on it. Some even had dining so you could eat lunch, dinner, or breakfast – or a snack. My mommy and daddy were in the train house with me on the Ferris wheel. I was really, really happy. I had a big smile on my face because I was so happy to go on the Ferris wheel. I’m still talking about it! I felt super duper happy as it went around. I am never afraid of heights so I wasn’t scared at all. The city looked really good up there. I could see everything but I didn’t really look out the windows.

Later that night we went for gelato. It was really good. We walked and ate gelato and we also sat down and ate gelato. First, I got chocolate gelato and then I got vanilla and Nutella. I was very happy to have gelato!

Seeing Ghostly was the best part of Vienna but this day was my favorite, too. I really loved every single thing we did on our trip.

My day at Schönbrunn Palace

We went to a palace today that belonged to Empress Elizabeth. It has a children’s museum with a ghost that lives there. His name is Poldi but I call him Ghostly. He is in every room. I needed to find a bunny so I could get a prize and I did. It was in a drawer. A boy helped me find it. It was teamwork; we found it together. The bunny was reading a book. It was really cool. Then I marked where it was and I got paper that has Ghostly on it. I won that for a prize.

imageI dressed up like a queen and it was really fun. I wore a dress and also rode a horse but it was not real. I saw the toys that belonged to the kids that lived in the palace. There were building blocks, dolls, a little desk, a playhouse, and a duck on a string that quacks – but there was no duckling that goes with it.

After that, we went through a maze and I found the climbing bars. I tried to climb up the climbing bars but I couldn’t climb up. At the playground, I met a new friend and she didn’t speak English. But we could still play together and be friends. We played in the sand and made a sand pile. I hope we can do that again here if we come back. I like making friends that live all over the world.

I wanted to go to the Ferris wheel today but we went to the palace instead. Tomorrow, though, we are going to go to the Ferris wheel so I can see if I’m big enough to go on it. If not, I can go on different rides that I’m big enough and old enough to go on, like the carousel. I will let you know how it goes.

My next trip: Germany and other countries

Lucia-sized bed at a hotel in Missouri

Lucia-sized bed at a hotel in Missouri

We are going to Germany soon. We’re visiting other countries, too, but I don’t remember what they are. I’ll ask Mommy.

….She says we’re also going to Austria and Czech Republic. At first I thought we were going to Australia and I could see koalas. But Mommy said that’s a completely different country, so no giraffes or koalas on this trip.

We’re staying in apartments only on this trip and I can’t wait to have my own bed. I hope it’s Lucia-sized! We will have our own balcony at one of the apartments. I’m looking forward to going out to eat and going to a park if it’s open and it’s not too cold. I really can’t wait to go on the airplane! I want to bring a pillow just in case I fall asleep and Winnie The Pooh. I always bring Pooh on my trips. I’m happy to go on a trip but I’m going to miss my brother and of course Nonnie.

Keep reading my blog because I’m going on this trip. I will post pictures and stories while I am traveling with my Mommy and Daddy!

Sleeping Bear Dunes

It was so windy!

It was so windy!

Sleeping Bear Dunes is the best place in Michigan near Traverse City. We stayed for a few hours and hiked up the mama bear that turned into a dune. What does that mean? Well, the story is that the mama bear and her baby bears were crossing the lake when a big storm came up. The mama bear made it across but the two little bears didn’t. The mama bear is still there, waiting for her baby bears, and she’s sleeping. She turned into a dune and now it’s called Sleeping Bear Dunes. The two little bears are islands. By now, the mama bear is still waiting for her two little bears. It makes me sad to think about that. But Sleeping Bear Dunes is really pretty and I had a lot of fun climbing up the big dune with my daddy and running back down.

What I liked about the Chicago Boat, Sports and RV Show

photo 3Yesterday I went to the boat show with my Mommy & Daddy. My brother came with, too. I got to fish in the trout pond. It was fun but each year that we go to the boat show, I never get to catch a fish in the trout pond and I get so mad. This year I got two bites from the same fish and I was so happy that I almost screamed. But I didn’t actually catch the fish. So I just kept trying and trying. Soon we needed to leave the trout pond. So then we went to the RV stuff. I even honked the horn of one of the RVs when I sat in the driver’s chair. We saw every single bathroom of every single RV. I wanted to see if there were foot pedals to flush the toilets.

My brother said he loved it, too. He loved when I went on the pirate ship. There was a big sail and I got to drive the boat. I got to have a sword and pirate hat and said, “Ahoy, mateys!” I also said, “Hoist the sails, me hearties!”

There was so much to see. I wish we could stay there until tomorrow. But you can only wish upon a star.


The Statue of Liberty is in New York City

My mommy is going on a trip to New York soon and I am sad because I can’t go. She always takes me on trips. I always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. I know it’s in New York City. I also know you can go inside the Statue of Liberty. I’m sure you could go to the top and see all the other buildings that are almost as high. I know that you can stay in hotels if you’re just staying overnight and there’s a lot of people in New York City. They are all over but there are so many people. It’s more than anyplace you could go to in the whole world. It holds a billion people. Just sometimes people want to stay overnight. I like staying in hotels because sometimes they have water parks that I can splish and splash in. Even if where we are staying doesn’t have a water park, if there’s just a pool, I don’t mind if we go in the pool together. Mommy says she is going to New York City and another place in New York state. She is going to be gone for four days and that’s too much. Three is ok but not four. I will miss her. But she said she will take me to New York City soon and see the Statue of Liberty and she is the best mommy in the world.

Gelato in Italy

Do you know what gelato is? It almost looks like ice cream. What I’m saying is, it’s ice cream but in Italy it’s called gelato. And I ate gelato in Italy. And I just loved gelato! I only eat chocolate gelato but I found out the vanilla is good too. I love gelato so much that my mommy and daddy get me gelato sometimes.

Enjoying lemon gelato in Montepulciano

Enjoying lemon gelato in Montepulciano

The gelato is what I remember most about our trip to Italy. We also went to many, many stores. Now, it’s time for the airplane part. We flew on the airplane for a long time. We flew over lakes, over rivers, over people, over many countries. We flew everywhere. And soon enough, we came to Italy. And we had gelato. And a lot of desserts because we were in Italy. I love Italy because I got to eat gelato! So why don’t you ask your parents if you can go to Italy and have some gelato? It really is fun!


My first time on an airplane

Mommy tells me I was really little when I went on an airplane the first time. She says I was eight weeks old. I don’t even know how old that is. It was just Mommy and me. Mommy says she was nervous about taking me on the airplane by herself but I wasn’t scared. Mommy was on an airplane before.

Mommy and I went to Arizona and we went to see my Papa. I got to swim in Papa’s pool but Papa didn’t go in the water because he had surgery. That’s why we went out there, to check on Papa. But I wanted to go in the pool with my mommy.

Me & Papa in Arizona

Me & Papa in Arizona

I’m almost 5 now and I was on airplane a lot more times. I love going on the airplane! Mommy says we’ll be going on the airplane again soon. I will write about that trip later.