Wisconsin family vacation

My family and I went to Wisconsin last week. We went to the place where we go fishing every year and then we went to Wisconsin Dells. The place where we go fishing is called Winneconne. In the morning in Winneconne, WoWo Poopie* and everyone in my family – but not every single person – […]

A skeleton and a parade at Prague’s Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is in Prague, which is in the Czech Republic. The Astronomical Clock always has a little parade every hour. If it’s twelve o’clock, the skeleton rings the bell twelve times. We always counted. And it always has a little parade and it shows all the Apostles. We went to the next one […]

My next trip: Germany and other countries

We are going to Germany soon. We’re visiting other countries, too, but I don’t remember what they are. I’ll ask Mommy. ….She says we’re also going to Austria and Czech Republic. At first I thought we were going to Australia and I could see koalas. But Mommy said that’s a completely different country, so no […]

Gelato in Italy

Do you know what gelato is? It almost looks like ice cream. What I’m saying is, it’s ice cream but in Italy it’s called gelato. And I ate gelato in Italy. And I just loved gelato! I only eat chocolate gelato but I found out the vanilla is good too. I love gelato so much that […]