Adventures in Maine

Today I am writing about Maine. I went with my brother Anthony, my mom, and my Nonnie. It was cool! Here are the some of the fun things we did.

We went on a 2-hour boat ride. That was fun! A lot of the time on the boat, it was leaning to one side. It was a schooner, or a giant sailboat. I made a new friend on the boat ride. Her name is Kylie and she’s from Connecticut. We even saw some porpoises swimming near the boat. I was hoping we would see seals, but we didn’t.


My mom and I went to two art museums. We stayed in Rockland, Maine, and that’s where the art museums are. The first art museum is the new Center for Maine Contemporary Art. We were there for the grand opening but we did not get to see the ribbon-cutting. I still liked the museum. I took pictures with Mommy’s camera of just about everything. The other art museum, Farnsworth, I didn’t really like. Mommy really enjoyed it, though, and even went back the next day by herself.


New Center for Maine Contemporary Art

The food we ate in Maine was AMAZING!  We ate twice at a really good restaurant called Claws. It’s a lobster shack off the main road in Rockland. I really liked that they gave us fake lobsters with numbers on them to remember our order number. I also liked when my mom pretended the plastic lobster was a phone! She picked it up and was asking, “Hello? Where’s our food??” It was so funny! After she did it, I did the same thing and this is what I said, “Hello? Hello? Where’s our food? Oh wait, I think it’s for Mommy. No, I think it’s for Anthony!” We had a lot of fun at Claws and I really loved the lobster mac & cheese!


One of my favorite things we did in Maine was watch the sunrise from the rooftop of our awesome hotel, 250 Main. Mommy woke me up super early so we could go up to the roof and watch the sunrise together. It wasn’t even 5:00am and it was so cold, but the sunrise over the water was SO beautiful!


I did NOT want to leave Maine. But we had to. It took us two hours to fly there. We actually flew to Boston, and from Boston, we drove to Maine. It took us three hours to drive from Boston to Maine. It was super fun! If you go to Maine, HAVE FUN!

Disclosure: Because Mommy is a really cool travel blogger, she was invited to Rockland, Maine, to stay at 250 Main Hotel and to check out the art museums. She took us with her because – again, she’s really cool. I literally loved Maine and I don’t know what all this means, but Mommy said it’s a law that I have to put here that we received two complimentary nights at the hotel (Mommy paid for the third), and we received complimentary admission to Farnsworth Art Museum. Oh, and all words and opinions belong to me. The photos belong to Mommy.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Maine

  1. Thank you for the detailed adventure Lucia. I have never been to Maine and hope one day my kids can enjoy this experience with me.

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip! I am staying at that same hotel in August, so you got me really excited. I saw a video of your mom pretending to talk on the phone with the lobster – so funny! Glad you had a great trip with your family! I love reading your posts!

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