Fun with my family in Fort Myers Beach

My family and I spent last Thanksgiving in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. We drove all the way down there from Chicago. Guess what? It took us two whole days to get there! I went with my Grandma, Grandpa, my brother Anthony, my dad, and Nonnie. And my mom but she wasn’t in the car with us. She took a plane.  While we were in Florida, it was my Nonnie’s birthday!


We rented a house for a week. In the house, me and my Nonnie shared a room. My brother slept in the closet! The house was really nice. There was a pool in the backyard! We were also close to the beach. Almost every day, we walked to the beach. Me, my dad, and my brother built a sand castle. My brother destroyed it before we were finished. But we redid it. Once we were done then, my brother knocked it down. The sunsets we saw at the beach were very pretty. We also went swimming in the ocean. Once we got back from the beach when we went swimming in the ocean, I took off my cover-up and went into the pool! We swam a lot while we were in Florida.It was really fun!


For my Nonnie’s birthday, I had a little notebook. I really wanted to get her something so I gave her the notebook.The same day as Nonnie’s birthday was also Thanksgiving. We had turkey, of course. My mom asked me, “If you had one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?” My answer was “broccoli”; it’s my favorite!

My mom took a plane home. I didn’t want her to go because I wouldn’t see her for two days! But she took a plane back and forth because she had to work.

I want to go to Florida again. It was super fun! Hopefully we will go back again this year for Thanksgiving. Maybe we’ll even go to Disney World!

4 thoughts on “Fun with my family in Fort Myers Beach

  1. Great picture with the castle! Sounds like a lovely vacation, even if your mom didn’t drive with the rest of you (I can’t blame her, I love flying…). Oh, and sunsets over the ocean are my favorite. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy broccoli as well. Perhaps my favorite vegetable. That is fantastic you like something so nutritious. Sometimes when I am eating broccoli, I pretend I am a giant brontosaurus eating a tree. You should try that sometime.

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