Wisconsin family vacation

Fishing Wolf River Winneconne WisconsinMy family and I went to Wisconsin last week. We went to the place where we go fishing every year and then we went to Wisconsin Dells. The place where we go fishing is called Winneconne.

In the morning in Winneconne, WoWo Poopie* and everyone in my family – but not every single person – was on a boat. I was fishing. I had a bite, then I left it there for a little while. Then, when I reeled it up, I had a fish! So, I got to touch it but I was afraid. I was eating my favorite honey mustard pretzels. Still, I needed to touch the fish before throwing it back (that’s what WoWo Poopie told me). But I was feeling really mad because we were supposed to go swimming, and we didn’t go for a while. But when we did go swimming, it was in two feet of water. There were two boats that were the same. We went boat-to-boat. Then we went swimming and tubing.

We left Winneconne¬†and went to another place, Wisconsin Dells. We were at a campground but we did not sleep in a tent because there was a cabin! You know the best part? No, I’m sure you don’t. I slept in a loft! I called the loft “Olaf” and pretended it was my clubhouse. I needed to duck because the ceiling was so small. I even hit my head two times. There’s a pool there and a splash pad! The second time Mommy took me to the pool, she taught me how to swim under water. I did not need my life jacket!

Wisconsin Dells KOA

I had a lot of fun on this trip. I want to go to Winneconne and Wisconsin Dells again. If the cabin is taken at the campground, we can just bring our pop-up camper. I hope we can do that real soon!

* Editor’s (Mom’s) Note: WoWo Poopie is my brother, Lucia’s Uncle Frankie.

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin family vacation

  1. Lucia! I am so glad you wrote this. I saw your Mommy’s pictures, but I wanted to hear what you thought of your trip. I can’t believe you caught a fish! I would be afraid to touch it, but you are so brave. I love your clubhouse, and that you named it Olaf. Is that after Olaf the snowman in Frozen? He’s my favorite character! I love his song about summer…he is too funny!

  2. Wisconsin is one of my favorite places. You should try and get mommy and daddy to take you canoeing on the Wisconsin River. Beautiful sand beaches with great swimming and bald eagles everywhere. With your fishing and storytelling prowess, there is no doubt you are a shoe in for first ballot consideration in Chiang Mai if you keep blogging. I look forward to more adventures.

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