Riding the Ferris wheel at Prater in Vienna

RiesenradI was worried that I was not too big but I was. So, I could go on the Ferris wheel. We also went on a train ride. It was all in Vienna and it was in an amusement park. We took the subway there and I looked at my map. Then we walked the rest of the way. The Ferris wheel was the first thing we did. It was big and round with little train houses on it. Some even had dining so you could eat lunch, dinner, or breakfast – or a snack. My mommy and daddy were in the train house with me on the Ferris wheel. I was really, really happy. I had a big smile on my face because I was so happy to go on the Ferris wheel. I’m still talking about it! I felt super duper happy as it went around. I am never afraid of heights so I wasn’t scared at all. The city looked really good up there. I could see everything but I didn’t really look out the windows.

Later that night we went for gelato. It was really good. We walked and ate gelato and we also sat down and ate gelato. First, I got chocolate gelato and then I got vanilla and Nutella. I was very happy to have gelato!

Seeing Ghostly was the best part of Vienna but this day was my favorite, too. I really loved every single thing we did on our trip.

3 thoughts on “Riding the Ferris wheel at Prater in Vienna

  1. Lucia, you are well on your way to being a great blogger. Keep up the good work. I liked the part where you said you weren’t afraid of heights….I am!! I hate being up high.
    Dan dahill

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