Gelato in Italy

Do you know what gelato is? It almost looks like ice cream. What I’m saying is, it’s ice cream but in Italy it’s called gelato. And I ate gelato in Italy. And I just loved gelato! I only eat chocolate gelato but I found out the vanilla is good too. I love gelato so much that my mommy and daddy get me gelato sometimes.

Enjoying lemon gelato in Montepulciano

Enjoying lemon gelato in Montepulciano

The gelato is what I remember most about our trip to Italy. We also went to many, many stores. Now, it’s time for the airplane part. We flew on the airplane for a long time. We flew over lakes, over rivers, over people, over many countries. We flew everywhere. And soon enough, we came to Italy. And we had gelato. And a lot of desserts because we were in Italy. I love Italy because I got to eat gelato! So why don’t you ask your parents if you can go to Italy and have some gelato? It really is fun!


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