My first time on an airplane

Mommy tells me I was really little when I went on an airplane the first time. She says I was eight weeks old. I don’t even know how old that is. It was just Mommy and me. Mommy says she was nervous about taking me on the airplane by herself but I wasn’t scared. Mommy was on an airplane before.

Mommy and I went to Arizona and we went to see my Papa. I got to swim in Papa’s pool but Papa didn’t go in the water because he had surgery. That’s why we went out there, to check on Papa. But I wanted to go in the pool with my mommy.

Me & Papa in Arizona

Me & Papa in Arizona

I’m almost 5 now and I was on airplane a lot more times. I love going on the airplane! Mommy says we’ll be going on the airplane again soon. I will write about that trip later.


4 thoughts on “My first time on an airplane

  1. Hi Lucia! I like flying a lot and my first time on a plane was when I was little too. I flew with my mom and brother to visit dad, who at that time was working far from home.

    I hope you get to fly again soon. Happy travels. (And I think it’s so cool that you have this blog now!)

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